With the General Communiqués published in the 1st repeating Official Gazette dated December 29, 2020 and the decision of the Minimum Wage Determination Commission announced on December 28, 2020, the taxes and penalties to be applied in 2021 and the terms and amounts taken as basis in tax applications became clear.

Here are some taxes for this year.

New income tax schedule

The income brackets of the income tax tariff have increased at the revaluation rate and the tariff to be applied to 2021 revenues is as in the table below.

Income brackets Tax rate (%)
Up to 24.000 TL 15
3.600 TL for 24.000 TL of 53.000 TL, and the rest 20
9.400 TL for 53.000 TL of 130.000 TL, (9.400 TL for 53.000 TL of 190.000 TL in wage income), over 27
30.190 TL for 130.000 TL of 650.000 TL, (46.390 TL for 190.000 TL of 650.000 TL in wage income), over 35
212.190 TL for 650.000 TL of more than 650.000 TL, 207.390 TL for 650.000 TL of 650.000 TL in wage income), over 40

Minimum wage tax

After the changes in the tax tariff, minimum wage and minimum living allowance, the data on the burden on the minimum wage and the cost of the minimum wage to the employer were as follows:

Gross wages 3.577,50 TL
SSK Premium Workers’ Share 500,85 TL
ISP Workers’ Share 35,78 TL
Income tax base 3.040,87 TL
Income tax 456,13 TL
Minimum Living Allowance 268,31 TL
Post-AGI Income Tax 187,82 TL
Stamp duty 27,15 TL
Total Deductions 751,60 TL
Net Fee 2.825,90 TL
SSK premium employer’s share 554,51 TL
Unemployment insurance employer’s share 71,55 TL
The cost of the minimum wage to the employer 4.203,56 TL
  • In the calculations, the minimum living allowance amount for single wage earners was taken into account.
  • In the calculation of the employer’s share of insurance premium, a 5-point discount was taken into account.

Stamp tax ceiling 3,534,679.90 lira

The maximum amount of stamp tax to be calculated for each paper was 3,534,679.90 lira to be applied in 2021.

No change in stamp tax rates

Fixed stamp tax amounts increased at the revaluation rate. However, the rate remained unchanged for papers subject to relative stamp tax.

The stamp tax rate of the papers issued for wages and all kinds of payments considered as wages is 7.59 per thousand as in the previous year.

Lease contracts issued in 2021 are subject to a stamp tax of 1.89 per thousand.

The contracts, commitments, deeds, agreements and terminations issued in 2021 are subject to stamp tax at a rate of 9.48 per thousand.

New trade registry fees

Fixed fee amounts increased by the revaluation rate. The new registration and registration fees for enterprises owned by capital companies were as follows:

In the registration and announcement of the commercial enterprise and its title 2.861,40 TL
In the registration and announcement of the persons authorized to represent (for each person) 696,00 TL
Changes in cases registered in the trade registry

in registration

696,00 TL

Passport fees

As a result of the increase in the revaluation rate, the new fee amounts for ordinary individual and joint passports are as follows:

Up to 6 months 227,20 TL
For 1 year 332,10 TL
For 2 years 542,20 TL
For 3 years 770,20 TL
More than 3 years 1.085,40 TL

Inheritance and gift tax tariff

The inheritance and gift tax tariff to be applied for assets transferred due to death or donations in 2021 is as follows due to the increase in the rate of revaluation of the tax base brackets.

Base Tax rate on inheritance (%) Unremitting

in transfers

tax rate (%)

For the first 380.000,00 TL 1,00 10,00
For the next 900.000,00 TL 3,00 15,00
For the next 1.900.000,00 TL 5,00 20,00
For the next 3.600.000,00 TL 7,00 25,00
For the part of the base exceeding 6.780.000,00 TL 10,00 30,00