According to the current Legislation, we provide services on personal transactions and payroll practices of domestic and foreign companies.
Within the scope of payroll services;

  • Personal procedures of staff.
  • SGK recruitment and deregistration of employee.
  • Submitting monthly SGK payroll sheets.
  • İŞKUR transactions.
  • Payroll preparation.
  • Notification of monthly payrolls to employee.
  • Preparation monthly salary sheets.
  • All types of calculations and reporting related to payroll.
  • Overtime and Holiday overtime payment calculations.
  • Paid and unpaid leave, premium, advance, enforcement,
  • Social benefits such as transportation and meal calculations.
  • Individual pension calculations and notification to the bank.
  • Severance and Notice Pay calculations.
  • Follow-up and approval of incapacity reports in the system.
  • Wage legislation and calculation service of foreign personnel.
  • Providing consultancy services on labor law and practices.